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Imagine a company that is run by real people. Where talking to any staff member is like talking to a well meaning friend. Where the people you encounter really care about finding a solution for you and always act in your best interests.

Unpretentious sincerity is the backbone of all companies in the group because they are run by people who really care and work hard to give you the best value.

The group was started by the current CEO in his quest to free himself from the moral quagmire of being a lawyer and his determination to start a company that was wholesome and driven by passion, honesty and true faith in the idea that "anything is possible.”

With a passion for design he left legal practice and partnered with high quality german furniture brands to launch the first luxury SieMatic kitchen showroom in South Africa in 2008. Vesuvio Luxury Interiors now occupies a 3 story building in Sandton Johannesburg with more than 35 European brands and options for every budget.

A place where everyone from owners of simple homes to masters of high end mansions feel comfortable and at home.
By identifying the right people and pushing to excel the group has expanded into diverse fields from Food and Catering, to Travel and Tours, Jewellery and Watches, Construction and Development as well as manufacture of consumables both locally and abroad.

Currently with close to 100 employees in South Africa the groups vision is to keep expanding into new and interesting fields in order to create employment and tap into the talents and skills of ordinary people.
We have faith that success comes from the Almighty and having the best intentions and the right people paves the way to greater and more meaningful things.

Come be part of our family!
At Vesuvio Luxury Interiors, we have carefully selected the best furniture and home interior brands from Europe and collected them under one umbrella so that South Africans now have access to the world’s very best.

We pride ourselves in giving our clients the best value for their money and the best products at every price level.
Grow Business Reach by introducing the latest trends from Europe. Our design team travels regularly to Europe and is at the cutting edge of high end design trends which we will impart to the South African market.

Our focus is to expand our business and work closely with developers and architects and show them the feasibility of going with high quality imported products without exceeding budget.

We understand quality because we have recently successfully completed large projects and we would like to expand the projects division of our business and export our model into Africa.

Our brand portfolio has increased many fold and this has allowed us to offer total home design within all budgets. We also have a local manufacturing option for customized jobs.


Full Turn Key Solution
We identify the lead, Work closely to qualify, Setup a design, Propose and Quote, Negotiate, Close the deal, Implement solution, Receive sign off, After sales service, Maintaining the relationship

Options available for any Budget
From entry level projects to local production to high end imported brands.

Full Control
All role players in our process are employed full time therefore we have full control over the process from beginning to end.

7 in House Designers

5 Installation Teams
Please take your time browsing through our Gallery of Images hereafter; all of which are installations we have completed from design to final product. In our search to better ourselves and our service provided we asked a previous client some questions regarding our work, please read on to find out her insightful answers.

1. Which brand and which products did you buy from us?
We purchased our Hulsta Now dressing room wardrobe three years ago and recently we returned to Vesuvio Luxury Interiors to purchase our Rolf Benz Freistil couches.

2. What do you think of the quality of our brands
We love the quality of the brands that you carry. They are globally recognised brands which distinguish themselves, not only for their fantastic cutting edge European design and craftsmanship, but they are also manufactured to European quality and safety standards and carry a solid brand warranty.

3. What was the obstacle that would have prevented you from buying this product?
Price! But with all things compared, when purchasing furniture, one makes an investment, so quality and design wins hands down. In fact, notwithstanding the fact that you sell top iconic furniture brands, you have always managed to offer us a product that is within our budget by proposing the pret-a-porter range of products for the top brands that you carry.

4. What did you find as a result of buying this product?
Complete satisfaction and uniqueness. We know that we won't walk into any of our friend's houses and find the same furniture as ours.

5. What specific feature did you like most about this product?

6. What are three other benefits of this product? Quality/cost ratio.
Modularity and the fact that they are made in a factory with precision machining operated by field specialists as opposed to being built on site by improvised craftsmen.

Product manuals containing technical data, product specification and care instructions.

Product Warranty – a reputable brand to fall back on in case of necessity.

7. Would you recommend this product? If so, why?
Absolutely! For all the reasons mentioned above.

8. Is there anything you'd like to add?
We have found Vesuvio Luxury Interiors to be a very professional company to deal with; from management, to the design team and the installation teams. We love to work with Marika. We find her very approachable, professional and her product knowledge is great. We will certainly work with your company again in the future.

- Simona Panayiotou -
In terms of quality, this brand (Euromobil) is a superior product, engineered to perfection and aesthetically overwhelming.

The service received was personal, the end product is superior and pricing is competitive – its value for money.

Specific features liked the most - Quality, colour and fittings.

Highly recommendable, because of the functionality and appearance.

- Nazeer Cassim -
I was looking for a quality, contemporary product and the company name attracted me immediately. I associate quality products with Germany and started discussing ideas with their design team.

Even though we decided on an Italian brand, Zalf, we still found the quality impeccable. The design team helped us play around with ideas until we found a solution that fit our budget.

They came during the construction phase of our wardrobe, measured and had onsite meetings with our builders to ensure all was according to specification. Their installation team was professional and installation went incredibly smoothly.

I had to call them out once and I found their after-sales service equally professional. Our wardrobe is a real talking point in our house and everyone seeing it for the first time is amazed.

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